Need some ideas for activities that the whole family can enjoy this October? Halloween doesn't have to be all about costumes and candy. The DCH Toyota of Oxnard team has compiled a list of Halloween festivities that the entire family can enjoy. Beyond just trick or treating, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the fall season and this unique holiday.

Spook your neighbors

We don't mean this in a typical way. Rather than pranking or scaring your friends and neighbors, we think Halloween can be a great time to do something nice. Spooking is a great way to show your kids how to be kind and give back to their neighbors. Create a gift basket of candy or homemade goodies and leave it on your neighbor’s front porch with a letter instructing them to spook someone else. This is a great tradition to start among your neighborhood that your kids will look forward to participating in every year.

Halloween Movie Marathon

Nothing gets people in the mood for Halloween like their favorite spooky movies. If you’re concerned about showing appropriate Halloween movies to your kids that won’t scar them for life, don’t worry, there are plenty of age-appropriate options. Casper, Halloweentown, Edward Scissorhands, Beetle Juice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and The Addams Family are all great options that the whole family will enjoy.

Check Local Event Calendars

Lots of kid-friendly places around town have Halloween-themed events just for kids. Go online and see what corn mazes, haunted zoos, science centers, or children’s museums are doing for Halloween. Even just some simple decorations at the zoo will excite young children and help them make some of their favorite Halloween memories.

Spooky Crafts

Help your kids countdown to Halloween by using a paper chain. Tear off a piece each day to help the anticipation build as they watch the chain get smaller and smaller until the 31st. If you live with little artists, visit a pumpkin patch and let them pick out pumpkins to paint. This way they can have fun by painting faces and you don’t have to worry about carving anything. You can also make bats out of black paper and spiders out of pipe cleaner and hang them around the house. These are easy crafts that kids can help with and will take pride in seeing them displayed around for people to see.

Ghost Stories

All kids love stories, especially when they are a little bit scary. You can buy a book of kid-friendly ghost stories or you can easily find some online. Read one or two each night until Halloween. If your kids are old enough to read, introduce them to the Goosebumps series. This iconic 90s book series can get your kids excited for reading and Halloween.

Handmade Costumes

Costumes can be expensive, so consider going the handmade route this year. Let kids decide who or what they want to be way ahead of time so you can plan and get all the pieces together. Then have fun making the costumes with your kids. They’ll get more excited about wearing the costume if it’s something they’ve worked hard to create.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you and your kids have an unforgettable Halloween. If you need the perfect vehicle to make your rounds this year during Halloween, we have the perfect one for you! Contact the DCH Toyota of Oxnard sales team today to learn more.